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Habit Breaking

IS THERE A QUICK WAY TO BREAKING A HABIT? A habit is any action that we have performed so often that it becomes almost an involuntary response imbedded in our unconscious mind. If we consider a habit to be undesirable then we may label it a “bad habit”. Our internal labelling... READ MORE


Problem of procrastination and avoiding revision, missing exams

DO YOU PROCRASTINATE? One of the commonest problem worrying students is the tendency to put thing off until the last moment – or until its too late, however this is not just a problem for students. Probably every one of us has tried to avoid some unpleasant task at some time... READ MORE


Assertiveness training

DO YOU THINK THAT WE ALL HAVE AN ABILITY TO ACT ASSERTIVELY? I believe that assertiveness has to be taught and trained as it is not an easy art to master, however we all can manage to communicate our feelings without hurting others once we understand our general and specific responsibilities. We... READ MORE



DO WE ALL STRIVE FOR COMFORT? Have you noticed that when we are distressed or overwhelmed with feelings, we often find it hard to think rationally? This is because we don´t want to think about the thing that is distressing – that´s quite natural because thinking about it brings more negative... READ MORE

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