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Personal problems addressed via CBT

Anxiety, unhealthy anger, depression, shame, jealousy and hurt have been the most common emotions Jana's clients have been presenting with. Many emotions can frequently co-exist and create so called ‘meta emotions’ (emotions about emotions) which can make the lives of individuals and also couples very challenging. It is often hard to know where to start unraveling all those linked emotions and thoughts responsible for them. 

Jana will help you to make sense of all your personal problems, put them in more logical order and then she will assist you in learning various hands-on techniques, which will challenge your current dysfunctional beliefs and replace them with more flexible and functional alternatives.  You will be encouraged to be creative in challenging your beliefs on daily basis and also put all the newly acquired beliefs into practice so you can see the results of your efforts immediately. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy developed by A. Beck and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by A. Ellis provide vast amounts of empirical evidence regarding the effectiveness in treatment of depression and anxiety. That said, both forms of CBT are considered some of the best choices for the treatment of anxiety disorders, unhealthy stress, anger-management, depression and also addictions. 

Jana has helped clients with the following issues:

  • Relationship issues, parenting difficulties, potential separation, redundancy, bereavement, anger, infidelity, divorce, infertility issues with no medical diagnosis, unhealthy stress, depression, anxiety including OCD and GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
  • Trauma - e.g. PTSD, mental and physical abuse, domestic violence and bullying
  • Addictions –e.g. alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, shopping and work
  • Psychosexual problems -e.g. premature ejaculation, frigidity, vaginismus and impotence.
  • Phobias –e.g. flying, escalators, lifts, closed spaces, needles, animals, insect and contamination.

PD, an accountant shared his experience with CBT

“I came to see Jana with a low self-esteem problem which depressed me. In the past I would let life get me down, and would always see the glass as being half empty, I now see it as very much half full. I have become a lot happier, more confident and optimistic, which also effects my relationships."

SJ, a top international makeup artist shared her experience with CBT

"I found the sessions with Jana incredibly helpful and enlightening. I feel from finishing the sessions I have noticed a big change in both my behaviour and reaction to events/ situations for the better.
I am much calmer in general especially when unexpected circumstances/ events arise and deal with them in a logical and more rational manner.
People/ friends have even commented that I appear happier/ less anxious and stressed and some have even commented on my words of wisdom/ advice that I have been giving them when discussing issues they have which has further confirmed how far I’ve come. I'm taking life a lot less seriously and just embracing/ enjoying all the new experiences/ opportunites.

Initially when I contacted Jana I didn't know much about CBT and I thought it was a case of a few sessions and all my problems would disappear. I'm really pleased the sessions took a much more CBT approach as without true understanding of my behaviour/ reasoning long lasting effects wouldn't take place."

AJ, a physiotherapist shared her experience with CBT

"Whilst it was difficult to start with and the repetition of the theory was frustrating it was very satisfying once it all came together and started to make sense. I found it amusing the negative thoughts I was telling myself.
The simplicity of the 3 questions, which were part of the CBT toolkit, is easy to remember.
I have very quickly found that my thought processes are much more positive. When they aren't I feel I have a skill-set ready to use.
It has been hugely beneficial to me and I am a much more calm, positive and happy person.
Follow up
When I first stopped the therapy I felt I would quickly need a follow up session, but I am fine for the moment."

LE, an art student from London shared her experience with CBT

"The last few sessions I had with Jana were very useful to me, in terms of self-acceptance and my relationships with men. Before, I was very keen to be in a relationship with someone, however now I prefer to focus more on myself. I feel like a completely different person than when I first came to Jana. Studying in France and being more independent for me was unimaginable before, and I am very pleased I have achieved so much. I also regularly use the techniques Jana taught me in the sessions which help me stay on track."


The price of therapy session: £80
(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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