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What is your fear?

A phobia is an intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities and things, animals, or even other people. When the fear is beyond your control, and if the fear is interfering with your daily life, then you experience an emotional disturbance, which can serve to heighten your levels of anxiety. 

One of the best ways how to overcome your phobia is by utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques which will help you to understand how crucial your thoughts are in creation of anxiety and how important is to work on creative ways how to challenge those inflexible thoughts that lead to anxiety. That said, it is also important  to engage in behavioural tasks that will put the theory into practice so to speak and allow you to break the chains of your specific fear.  

KP, a banker shared her experience with CBT

“Before I came to see Jana Sheena, I couldn't travel by plane as I had once a very bad experience with turbulence. I become very frustrated with my inability to travel wherever I wanted to. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I managed to rationalise my rigid beliefs about flying. Once I challenged all my rigid beliefs via written negotiations, then we moved to facing my fear under hypnosis in relaxed state of mind.  By the time the 5th session was over I was ready to face the challenge and I flew at least 4 times since. I still feel a bit uncomfortable on the aircraft, however a good gossip magazine and a cup of tea does the job these days.”

HE, PhD student shared her experience with CBT and hypnotherapy

"For 15-20 years I suffered from an absolute phobia for escalators. Already immediately after my first session with Jana I was able to take the tube home. Although I was still very apprehensive I discovered that if I engage in a flexible self-talk well before taking an escalator I would do well. Jana introduced me to CBT therapy, which I found profoundly helpful and she also taught me self-hypnosis. Both types of therapy complimented each other I thought. In the two weeks after my session I forced myself to use every opportunity to practice learnt techniques and then put them in practice, so I quickly gained the necessary confidence. Now, after just five sessions I am using escalators wherever I can, I no longer avoid them and even take the most challenging I never thought I would see again."


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