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Overcoming Exam Nerves, Procrastination and Performance Anxiety

“I must excel at this presentation otherwise I won’t be promoted”. Is this potentially one of your ‘supportive’ inner thoughts that tormented your mind prior to your presentation?

Jana will help you adapt a few clever yet simple CBT techniques that will negotiate with your “must”, “have to”, and “ought” thoughts, regarding a specific performance. It’s very easy to add pressure to yourself by framing a situation as ‘do or die’, i.e. you MUST perform well otherwise you won’t get where you want to be in life. It is largely desirable to perform to your best, but rigid expectations can be counter-productive and prevent you focusing with clarity on the subject matter. If all you hear in your head is the ‘demand’ whilst giving your presentation, then it will be much harder to perform at your best and stay engaged with your audience.

Finding logical alternatives for your 'pressurising' and often 'catastrophising' perceptions of your own performance will be a challenge, but finding more flexible and rational alternatives will gradually lead to a more engaging as well as successful performance.

Jana can specifically help with:

  • Improving concentration and memory for study — e.g. performance anxiety, assertiveness training, anger management
  • Removal of unhealthy feelings of stress and tensions during public speaking/performance
  • Overcoming procrastination and avoiding revision or missing exams
  • Finding more enjoyable ways of studying, which will avoid many hours of unrewarding effort

AN, a student of town planning and sustainable development from London shared her experience with CBT

"I went to Jana as an ugly duckling. I am now a beautiful swan!! I initially got in contact with Jana to have some hypnotherapy to solve my problem of procrastination to speed up my essay writing whilst doing an MSc. Just talking to Jana however made me realise what insight she has into human nature and I asked her if she would just talk through a few issues I have which were most probably the cause of the procrastination. Gradually Jana introduced me to a few CBT techniques, which worked well in combination with my self-hypnosis. Some sessions later I had faced many other problems I had including a sense of inferiority, lack of control over my life and quite a bit of unhappiness and loneliness amongst other things. Jana work strategically to get all these issues into perspective and give me some techniques on how to solve them, with amazing results. If anyone can help you get on track with anything I really do believe Jana can. She is brilliant!"

LP, a student of architecture shared his experience with CBT

"I never thought of going to a CBT therapist before but I was over stressed from my course work and my physical health was affected as well. I tried to seek for a doctor and medication but it seemed temporary.
Throughout the CBT sessions the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, Jana patiently listen to my condition and issues to gradually guide me through my exhaustive life and goals. Jana has a strong talent in understanding and managed to comfort my stressful situation in a short period of time. I had 6 sessions  in total and we went through different type of methods and each section was effective. Every now and then it is hard to talk deep with someone you only just met but it was never a case with Jana, it was easy talking to her and now I have been feeling a lot more relaxed and easy going about my academic challenges."



The price of therapy session: £80
(Please ask for 30% discount if you are a full time student)

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