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Have you been telling yourself that you should be promoted, you must get that dream job, you have to make a progress in your career in one way or the other?

Techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help you review your specific beliefs about your career or work related issues and then compare their advantages and disadvantages in more rational, logical and pragmatic light. Perhaps you realize that you have more than a single option in your current doom and gloom, but it is difficult for most of us to look into a mirror and see clearly what’s stopping us reaching our full potential. Jana has worked with many clients who felt depressed or/and anxious about their careers, but once they started to look at their specific issues in more objective and pragmatic ways, they crystalized solutions which frequently improved not just their careers, but also their relationships with themselves and others.

Jana can specifically help with:

  • Reducing your feelings of unhealthy stress and tensions
  • Procrastination issues
  • Assertiveness training
  • Managing conflicts at work
  • Issues with time keeping

MB, Norwich shared his experience from the therapy:

“I attended Jana's clinic for sessions aimed at assisting me in coping with my work related anxieties. The effect on my life has been remarkable. I am amazed at how I can now handle stressful situations with a feeling of inner calmness and control. At work, I have found that my effectiveness has been increased immeasurably and the past six months have resulted in my achieving goals and reaching targets that hitherto had seemed unattainable.”


The price of therapy session: £80/per hour

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